The Shalom Center

Looking for a Jewish Centre that will Support your Local Business and Empower you?

Our Jewish center is a national non-profit organization that helps Jewish entrepreneurs leverage their skill and creativity to start and develop successful businesses. We do this by providing local collaborative support networks and business mentorship and education. Our center bolsters job creation, financial independence for business persons, business longevity, and self-fulfillment. Our primary goal is to promote development for the greater Jewish community.

Programs Offered by our Jewish Center

Our members are active experts from several fields of practice who frequently meet to discuss industry trends, network and engage in philanthropic activities that go a long way in helping the local community.

Speaker Panels and Forums

This program helps you gain an acumen for approaching business challenges and finding innovative solutions while meeting influential leaders in your field and areas of interest. Our most recent panel subjects include disruptive investment tactics, investing in Jewish start-ups and the real estate market which is vibrant yet unpredictable.


We also host annual facilitated networking events that ensure you have great conversations, find employees and new career openings, make referrals and get guidance from other experienced Jewish business experts.

Business Referral Communities

Do you intend to expand your business? If your answer was “yes” then what you need is a business referral community. Our referral community is modeled after our foremost expert networking groups. Participating members of our referral groups meet monthly to share new insights and assist each other with solutions to business challenges.

Business Leadership Lunch

This is the community’s leading business networking event. The lunch attracts the world’s most celebrated entrepreneurs to speak to our members. Past keynote speakers include Mark Zuckerberg (Owner, Facebook), Jonathan Kaplan (CEO, The Melt), Larry Baer (CEO, San Francisco Giants), Randi Zuckerberg (CEO, Zuckerberg Media), Harris Barton (Founder, H. Barton Asset Management) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook). Some of the honorees who have attended our annual lunches include; Richard N. Goldman, Harry J. Saal, Bobby Lent, John Osterweis and Richard Rosenberg.


We also offer our members an opportunity to volunteer and share their expertise which will help the Jewish community. Our affiliates can volunteer in local companies, for instance, you could aid in editing résumés at job-seeker workshops. You could also offer your expertise for pro-bono business consultancy.

If you are an aspiring Jewish entrepreneur, who wants to be empowered to attain and articulate your personal and professional goals feel free to contact us and let us help you make your dreams come true.