Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

Mitzvah Day Australia

Like in other parts of the world where the movement has grown, Mitzvah Day Australia is a chance to make a positive impact in the world. In this day in a year people work together. In an attempt to bring joy and reduce suffering.

Mitzvah Day Australia

A brief history of Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day was International was launched in 2008 in the UK. In Australia, Mitzvah Day started in 2011. It was initially based in Melbourne. Later, it was extended to other parts of Australia.

Thousands of volunteers from different nations, faiths, and organizations gather and worked together to turn their communities into better places to live.

On Mitzvah Day, people of all walks of life, gender and religion make life better for the less fortunate.

Guiding values

In Australia like in other parts of the world where it is celebrated, Mitzvah Day is based on three Jewish Values:


  • Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world
  • Tzedek – Righteousness
  • Gemilut Chassadim – Acts of loving kindness



Mitzvah Day is a platform for bringing Jews and other communities for the greater good. It aims to bring meaningful, long term differences through contributions to various charities and compelling causes.

Singing songs, cooking meals, building shelter, sending gifts to children, cleaning public spaces and befriending the isolated people in our society are some of the activities volunteers engage in on Mitzvah Day Australia.

As Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai notably said, every one of us should make a small contribution to the world as a hummingbird.

If each one of us engages in a small act of kindness, many people will benefit in ways that we cannot fathom. By cleaning up parks and collecting litter and planting trees. We help our environment thrive which can benefit generations to come.

By supplying school girls with sanitary towels, food, and toiletries, we give them a chance to stay in class and hopefully become great citizens of the world.

Physical biases shouldn’t prevent us from living a rich full life.  The world would be a happier place where we sought the path of righteousness.

How to Particpate

Mitzvah Day Australia has operated independently. It’s now boasts 80 projects. Individuals and organizations can involved in:

  • Blood drives
  • Collectathons
  • Working bees
  • Multicultural family days
  • Concerts for residential care and any other.

Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

To participate in any project one can contact the organization directly. Organizations seeking participants for Mitzvah Day. One can register the project at

There is always something we can do to help. Mitzvah Day Australia is the perfect opportunity to extend a helping hand.

it is recommend to meet standards set by participating organizations for their projects as a volunteer. One Can encouraged to sift through Mitzvah Day website. It helps to find a project they are passionate about.

On this day, every contribution, kind act and gesture matters as we come together to make Australia a great place to live and visit. Your contribution may be what will change a life this Mitzvah Day.

How do you contribute on Mitzvah Day?