Best Natural Pest Control Methods From Experts

Natural Pest Control Methods

Best Natural Pest Control Methods

Natural pest control methods is one of the safest ways to control pests. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also don’t cause any harm to you, your loved ones, or the other useful organisms around you.

Biological methods to control pests

Using biological methods is one of the best ways to control the spread of pests naturally without involving the use of chemicals that could harm the environment.

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Natural Pest Control Methods

When such methods are used, the breeding mechanism of the pests are naturally interfered with and natural enemies of the pests are used so that they do not get out of control.


Some of the biological methods that are commonly used are:

  • In the water bodies, the mosquito larvae are greatly minimized by placing Australian native fish out there which feed on them.
  • The flies breed on cow dung and this problem is avoided by using dung beetle, that breaks down the cowling so that the flies don’t get to it.
  • A larvicide, known as BTI, is used with the help of a toxic bacteria. When this bacteria is consumed by the mosquito bacteria, it kills them, but it does not work on mosquito pupae.


Controlling pests with the help of hygiene

By keeping your surroundings clean, the chances of pests to thrive are minimized as there is nothing easily available for them to sustain themselves.

The following practices can help control pests to a great extent:

  • Cleaning household appliances like microwave, ovens, refrigerators regularly.
  • Storing food in air tight lids where the pests cannot get inside.
  • Cleaning up immediately after meals. So the tables are cleaned, the food bits are wiped off and thrown away and the dishes are washed, cleaned and dried.
  • Disposing off the garbage in the right way.
  • Placing all the scrap food in a paper, tightly wrapping it up and then disposing it.
  • All the tanks and drains are properly covered and sealed.
  • The bathrooms must be kept as clean as possible with all the different cistern mechanisms working flawlessly.
  • Stop the pests from entering your house by using flyscreens and seal the holes around the pipes.
  • Proper disposal of urine and faeces is very important as pests thrive on such waste products.


Hygiene plays a very important role in controlling pests naturally. Even if you get the house or any other area treated with a pesticide program, it won’t be of much help as they will return if the surroundings are not kept clean.

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Some more natural pest control methods:

  • Make chamomile tea and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes. Then place it in a spray bottle. Spray it to get rid of brown spot, brown rot, leaf spot and mildew.
  • Garden pests can be controlled on indoor plants by wiping them with a soapy cloth. The soapy water spray can also be used outdoors on the foliage and stems.
  • Some insects can be gotten rid of by using eucalyptus or vegetable oil, soap or even a clay spray. Or white oil could also be used. It does not kill the useful insects and has a smaller residual life.



Using natural or organic pesticides is a good way of controlling the pests, but be wise and use it on a small area first as a test before using it on a larger scale.

Although less toxic, sometimes, these pesticides could cause harm to you. So always wear long sleeved outfits, gloves and a facemask while working with them. Store them in properly labelled bottles and keep them away from children.