How To Choose The Best Shipping Container Hire Company

How To Choose The Best Shipping Container Hire Company

When you are choosing a shipping container hire company, you may want to hire the best company in the industry to accommodate your specific needs and purposes.

Also, since not all shipping hire companies in Australia are the same, you will need to do your research in advance to find the best fit.

Because there is a wealth of information online that can help to guide you in the best direction, you can make a well planned informed decision that will save time and money.

With that being said, here are some key things to look for when you make your decision.


Look for Shipping Container Hire Companies Closest to You

If you are not familiar with how this industry works, you may want to start by researching the different options that you have available in your area.

According to Nationwide Container Sales, it is more practical to search for container hire companies that are within your local and surrounding communities. For instance, here are 3 great benefits of searching for companies near you.

How To Choose The Best Shipping Container Hire Company

  • Prompt Delivery

No need to wait unnecessarily for an extended period of time. This is especially since there are companies near you that can deliver it much quicker because of the shorter distances.

  • Affordable Delivery

Local companies can afford to offer free delivery when the service destinations are within a certain mileage.

  • Some Local Companies may charge fewer fees for their services.

With this information in mind, you will have a much greater chance of negotiating better deals. So, it is more beneficial and advantageous to shop around in your local area before extending your search.

This is especially true if you want to obtain the best shipping container options with the most affordable prices. To get more idea about shipping container, you can check this wikipedia link.


Check The Reputation Of The Company

After you have located the companies that you are considering, you can begin to refine your list. One of the best ways to start this process is to review and evaluate the company’s reputation in the field.

Even though all companies may promote their services as the best, this is not always true. Therefore, ads alone does not make a good reputable brand. Instead, you should look for recommendations from others. Try websites like the Yellow Pages, Facebook or Angies List to read reviews.

In particular, from those that say the company has been in business for a long time and is in good standing the customers that they serve.

Compare Prices for the Most Affordable Rates

Once you have a list of the most reputable companies, you can start to search for the best pricing. In your comparisons, you should make sure to consider the fact that the lowest price may not be the best option. For instance, here are a few reasons to look further than the lowest quote.

  • Some companies may be willing to negotiate based on volume
  • Longer delivery times with lower rates
  • Shipping Containers may be of lesser quality

Shipping Container Hire Company

Does the Company Offer the Right Size Containers and Configuration?

Another area to consider when shopping around is finding the right sizes. Since the containers you need must be available, you should make sure the company has different sizes or at least the size that you need. For instance, shipping containers may come in one of the following:

  • 10 Feet Containers
  • 20 Feet Containers
  • 30 Feet Containers
  • Side door containers
  • Open top containers
  • Refrigerated containers

Choosing the best shipping container hire companies in the industry can be made easy if you know what to look for. Specifically, if you are searching for companies by key considerations and features as you make your choice.

Typically, the best companies can be found by reviewing the company’s reputation, sizes of containers offered, and the most affordable rates and fees.

10 Steps On Starting Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial Cleaning Business

There are always going to businesses who operate in offices and the people who own these businesses will always want the offices to be clean.

Most business owners don’t have the time to handle the cleaning on their own, therefore, they will hire a commercial cleaning company to do the work for them.

If you are looking for a lucrative business to start where you will always have work, you can start your own commercial cleaning company. Below are 10 steps on starting your commercial cleaning business. Remember to always stick within your budget when starting a cleaning business. It is also important to choose the best cleaning products available. The Shalom Center recommends AE Cleaning Products for all cleaning supplies Gold Coast and guest ammenities. You should also plan ahead with your objectives and ask for help when planning your business.


#1 Hire Employees

The first thing that you should do is hire employees to work for your business. If you don’t have the budget for a large staff when you are first starting out, you can hire just one or two people. As your business grows, you will be able to hire a larger staff.

10 Steps On Starting Your Commercial Cleaning Business

#2 Figure Out What Types of Commercial Spaces You Want To Specialize In

Once you have decided that you are going to do commercial cleaning rather than residential, you need to decide if you are going to specialize in one type of commercial space or if you are going to take any job that comes along.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a large staff, you might want to stick with small retail shops and offices at first. As your business grows, you can start taking jobs with larger offices and complexes.


#3 Create a Telling Name For Your Business

When you are naming your business, you want to make sure that it ties in with the fact that you are a cleaning business. If you come up with a name like Afco, potential customers won’t know what your business does.

If you have your heart set on a certain name that doesn’t define the fact that you are a cleaning company, be sure that add “cleaning service” to the end of the name.

If you are only going to be cleaning commercial buildings, you should add that to your name as well.


#4 Obtain a License

When you start your commercial cleaning business, you are going to see that there is a lot of competition out there. Because of this, you want to look as professional as possible.

There are some states that require cleaning businesses to have a license. Even if your state doesn’t require you to have a license, you should get licensed anyway.

This will show your clients that you are a legitimate business rather than a fly-by-night company who doesn’t take the business seriously.


#5 Purchase an Insurance Policy

When you and your employees are cleaning, you are going to be in retail shops and offices where there are expensive merchandise and office equipment. Since accidents can happen while you are cleaning, you want to be covered.

If something were to get broken or damaged, your insurance would protect you and your business. Also, most clients will only work with a commercial cleaning service who has insurance.

If you don’t have proof of a policy, clients will find another company who does carry the necessary insurance.


#6 Think About the Services You Will Offer

Before you start marketing your business, you are going to need to figure out what services you will offer to your customers.

Most cleaning services will wash the floors, vacuum the carpets, and clean the bathrooms. However, you need to decide if you are going to provide additional services such as cleaning the windows, cleaning the microwave.

And the refrigerator in the break room, and replenishing the toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom. When you have a dedicated list of services offered, you will be able to let potential clients know what you can do for them.


#7 Market Your Cleaning Service

If you are going to get any business, you need to get your name out there. You can start by creating a professional website or having a web designer create one for you.

The site should contain the services that you offer, your contact information, and if you have any, photos of previous jobs.

If a potential client is going to be doing an internet search, you want your business to come up. You can also create flyers and bring them to local businesses.

If any of these companies don’t have a cleaning service or they are not happy with their current one, it is a great way to get a new client. Finally, advertise your business on social media as often as possible.

Commercial Cleaning Business

#8 Transportation Is Important

If you drive a small two or four-door car, you are going to need something larger to use while you are working. Not only will you need to transport your employees to each of the jobs, you will also need to bring your cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment.

This would require the use of an SUV or a van. When you have a vehicle for your business, you should consider putting a sign on the vehicle with the name of your business, your logo, and the contact information.

If you cannot afford to have this painted on the vehicle, you can have a magnetic sign made that you can stick right to the side of the vehicle. Vistaprint is a great place to order your sign from at a low price. Also, you can order business cards at the same time.


#9 Purchase Your Supplies

The supplies that you purchase for your business are very important. While the cleaning products on supermarket shelves are great to clean your house, they are not the best choice for your cleaning business.

You are going to need to buy strong products in bulk. It is best to find a cleaning product distributor to order your cleaning products from.

You are also going to need a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket, and a “slippery when wet” sign. If you aren’t sure what you are going to need, visit here.


#10 Create a Contract Template

When you take on a client, you are going to want to draw up a contract. Most companies want the protection of a contract and it can protect your business as well.

The contract should include the cleaning schedule, the amount of money that you are going to charge, the dates that the payments would be due, and the services that the client needs performed. If you aren’t sure how to draw up the contract, you can find a universal template online here.

A commercial cleaning business can be very lucrative if you know how to get started and if you are patient. You might not have a full client list on your first day, however, with time, marketing, and word of mouth, you have a great chance of being a success.


Pet Friendly Pest Control – Safe Treatment For Pets

Pet Friendly Pest Control - Is it safe for birds, cats and dogs?

Pet Friendly Pest Control

Is Pest Control Safe for Birds, Cats and Dogs?

This week at The Shalom Center we delve into some pest control techniques that are safe for your pets.

It is often said that no home is complete without animals. Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. They are our best friends, our exercise partners, entertainment, and closest companions.

It is easy to fall in love and want to bring home these cute friends. However, what do we do when our home is invaded by less lovable animals? Rodents, insects, and arachnids often find their way indoors, and not as our companions.

How do we get rid of these uninvited guests while keeping our more desirable animals safe? Before using any pest control you should read this article and be aware of how you will impact your pets.

There are many different types of home invaders, and as such, even more types of preventative methods. For the most part it is best to use natural measures in keeping your home safe.

That sounds well enough, but pests are pests for a reason and they tend to always find a way. Before bringing any pest control into a home shared with pets you should explore the most pet-friendly methods possible.

Pet Friendly Pest Control - Is it safe for birds, cats and dogs?

Let’s explore what some of these methods are, and just how “pet-friendly” they are.

Pesticides and Pets

It is commonly believed that the most affective method for eliminating insects around the home is chemical warfare. The problem with bringing these insecticides in the home is that they are full of poisonous ingredients like dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, atrazine and dicamba.

While these ingredients can be very useful in killing unwanted insects, they are also very harmful to humans and animals.

Dogs and cats are even more at risk when using chemical pesticides. Animals are naturally less aware of what is harmful to them and will consume anything that smells good enough.

Pesticides are commonly used on the floor, where animals spend most of their time. Cats and dogs tend to lick their paws and fur commonly and could be indirectly consuming these poisonous products.

Inside of the Home

A publication from the University of Nebraska ( > pdf) recommends a coupe tips for when pesticides are necessary in the home.

It is best to use gels or powders that are not so easily transferable. When applying these products place them in cracks and crevices that are common for insects, but not reachable by humans or pets.

The article goes on to state that it is very important to clean your hands well after handling poisonous products. The moments after handling are a major risk of transferring the pesticides to your pets.

Outside the Home

While your home may be safe, many gardeners and landscapers face the problem of pests outside the home. Caterpillars and other insects can be detrimental to the lawn. Unfortunately, using poisons in your backyard would still put pets, and other animals at risk.

This article from Scientific American offers a couple options. There are some organic pesticides that can be effective in killing insects, while being less harmful to pets.

The best option is to use plants in your yard that are native to your area. These plants have survived whatever nature throws at them for thousands of years. And, some can be effective at repelling some insects.

Animal Pests

Besides your home, your pets are also at risk from pests. Some common pests that can harm your animals are:

  • Musquitos
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Botfly
  • Lice
  • Kissing Bugs
  • Mites

Some of these pests can cause major harm to your animals. Including detrimental illnesses like Lyme disease, mange, or spotted fever.

The common method to prevent these insects from attaching to your pets are flea collars. Unfortunately, most of these collars also carry toxins that can be harmful to humans and animals.

Safer preventative measures include regularly checking your pet (especially after being outside), keeping your pet well groomed, and baths with shampoos that will kill insects.

Pet Friendly Pest Control

Natural Methods

Some natural pest control methods have proven effective at keeping pests away from your pets and home. Here are some tips:

  • Cinnamon powder will repel ants.
  • Soak paper in sugars to attract and stick flys.
  • Mint oil can be useful at repelling rodents.
  • Walnuts and chestnuts will repel spiders.
  • Other aromatic oils will keep bugs away like: cedar oil, citronella oil, peppermint or lavender.
  • House plants that repel bugs include: dill, fennel, catnip, Venus fly trap.

Signs of Pet Poisoning

Your pets will be unable to tell you when they are developing symptoms of poisoning. It is important to watch for signs through their behaviors.

Major signs would include: excessive drooling, vomiting, uncoordinated movements, diarrhea, or seizures. If you think that your pet has been exposed to poisons, do not wait.

Make it to an emergency vet as soon as possible. Or, contact your regional poison control center. Make sure to have your pets information ready as well as what poisons you believe they were exposed to.

Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

Mitzvah Day Australia

Like in other parts of the world where the movement has grown, Mitzvah Day Australia is a chance to make a positive impact in the world. In this day in a year people work together. In an attempt to bring joy and reduce suffering.

Mitzvah Day Australia

A brief history of Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day was International was launched in 2008 in the UK. In Australia, Mitzvah Day started in 2011. It was initially based in Melbourne. Later, it was extended to other parts of Australia.

Thousands of volunteers from different nations, faiths, and organizations gather and worked together to turn their communities into better places to live.

On Mitzvah Day, people of all walks of life, gender and religion make life better for the less fortunate.

Guiding values

In Australia like in other parts of the world where it is celebrated, Mitzvah Day is based on three Jewish Values:


  • Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world
  • Tzedek – Righteousness
  • Gemilut Chassadim – Acts of loving kindness



Mitzvah Day is a platform for bringing Jews and other communities for the greater good. It aims to bring meaningful, long term differences through contributions to various charities and compelling causes.

Singing songs, cooking meals, building shelter, sending gifts to children, cleaning public spaces and befriending the isolated people in our society are some of the activities volunteers engage in on Mitzvah Day Australia.

As Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai notably said, every one of us should make a small contribution to the world as a hummingbird.

If each one of us engages in a small act of kindness, many people will benefit in ways that we cannot fathom. By cleaning up parks and collecting litter and planting trees. We help our environment thrive which can benefit generations to come.

By supplying school girls with sanitary towels, food, and toiletries, we give them a chance to stay in class and hopefully become great citizens of the world.

Physical biases shouldn’t prevent us from living a rich full life.  The world would be a happier place where we sought the path of righteousness.

How to Particpate

Mitzvah Day Australia has operated independently. It’s now boasts 80 projects. Individuals and organizations can involved in:

  • Blood drives
  • Collectathons
  • Working bees
  • Multicultural family days
  • Concerts for residential care and any other.

Discovering Mitzvah Day Australia

To participate in any project one can contact the organization directly. Organizations seeking participants for Mitzvah Day. One can register the project at

There is always something we can do to help. Mitzvah Day Australia is the perfect opportunity to extend a helping hand.

it is recommend to meet standards set by participating organizations for their projects as a volunteer. One Can encouraged to sift through Mitzvah Day website. It helps to find a project they are passionate about.

On this day, every contribution, kind act and gesture matters as we come together to make Australia a great place to live and visit. Your contribution may be what will change a life this Mitzvah Day.

How do you contribute on Mitzvah Day?

Benefits of Outsourcing in Small Business

Benefits of Outsourcing in Small Business

Learn The Benefits of Outsourcing in Small Business

How You Can Improve Your Business With Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing in Small Business

For many years, outsourcing is something that was exclusive to larger corporations. Today, however, many small business owners realize that they can reap enormous benefits from using outside firms or personnel to handle work that employees would otherwise do in their entities. Forbes reveals key areas where entrepreneurs can get outside help including:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Payroll processing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Human resource and administration
  • Sales and marketing among many others

The benefits of outsourcing in small business are many, and some of them are:

Control over Capital Costs

By getting other professionals to do the job, business owners enjoy more control over the capital of their entities. Instead of having to pay full-time employees salaries and other benefits at the end of every month, business owners can spend only the money that is required to complete a single task. A trade person can use the saving to develop his brand and business further. He or she can invest the funds and create more income streams.

Enhanced Efficiency

When you think about it, bringing in brains and expertise into a growing firm can help improve the effectiveness tremendously. It is because the professionals are the best in their field, thus know what it takes to ensure the company is making the right moves.

Note that companies spend more on development, marketing, and research costs if they opt to do everything on their own. To make profits, the entity transfers the cost to the consumer something that may make them run away. An expert outsider will give the franchise the economies of scale it needs to boast of an essential competitive advantage in the industry.

Reduces Labor Costs

Investing in the process of hiring employees and then going ahead to train them for special or short term projects can drain the business financially. In a majority of cases, temporary employees seldom meet the expectations of the company.

Outsourcing various aspects of the business means that the enterprise gets the space they need to focus on core human resource requirements. Additionally, when a corporation establishes relationships with particular outsider firms, they can take on new projects faster with fixed labor costs and plenty of other perks.

Reduces Risk

According to the New York Times, among the benefits of outsourcing in small business is the fact that they can mitigate risks. Note that all investments carry risks. Numerous aspects in the business world change rapidly. They could include things like:

  • Financial conditions
  • Government regulations
  • Competitions
  • Markets
  • Technologies, etc.

Outsourcing implies that the service providers will not only assume the risks, but it will be their responsibility to manage it as well. It will work out well for you because they are in a better position of deciding how best to avoid risk in their areas that they specialize in.

Outsourcing Ideas

Ability to Focus on Core Business

As a business executive, you have areas of strength that you can focus on to elevate your entity to greater heights. There are also weak areas that you may struggle with. When you outsource the latter, you get enough space to focus on your company without any unnecessary distractions. It gives you the golden opportunity to make your products better to attract more clients and make more money.

Increased Competitiveness

Small Business Chronicles state that outsourcing gives enterprises a chance to become more competitive. While they may not have the resources or budget to provide the same level of service as the larger entities, they can choose to work with experts who have proven track record, helping them to offer the same degree of expertise as the bigger companies. Association with reputable outsiders may also contribute to increasing the entities credibility in the client’s eyes.

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